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''I believe that the knowledge that I have received or that can receive from a teacher and of a book it does not belong to me; that one has only trusted to me; that it always belongs and it will belong to the humanity, which produced such knowledge through all the generations

I believe that I do not have right to administer to this legacy in form some that could harm to I generate human, its beneficiary. By the opposite,

I believe that is my obligation to administer it solely in good of this beneficiary, so that the world can get to be a more amiable place, placentero, and better in than to live.''

Taken from the Creed of the Scholar of the Dr John J. Seclman.

JDBC Tester

JDBC Tester is a software that allows to prove JDBC connections and SQL statements. The central idea is to have a software that is used for the design of statements and learning SQL with an graphical user interface simple to use.

Already this project is sponsored by Linperial International Systems